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Gua sha 101


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

8 Branches Chinese Medicine

Gua sha is a healing modality that is used in East Asian medicine. It involves a painless “scraping” technique that can be performed with a soft-edged tool upon a lubricated surface of the body. Research has shown gua sha produces an anti-inflammatory and immune protective effect in the body that lasts for days following treatment. It is useful for increasing circulation, relieving tension and reducing pain.

Join us in this hour long self care class that will provide you with information, basic technique and the opportunity to experience gua sha yourself. A perfect class to bring a partner or friend, if you choose.

$20 registration includes a gua sha tool and customized oil for at home use ($20 value). Our customized 8 Branches’ essential oil blends are added to your carrier oil for therapeutic value.

This class will be lead by Shia Ames, clinical assistant at 8 Branches Chinese Medicine and student at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. She will be graduating later this year and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others in the community to help support and encourage others in taking an active role in their wellness.




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Gua sha 101

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