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Our articles cover various topics on health and wellness. Enjoy reading what we have written over the years.

Natural cold remedies

Food IS medicine, eat well and nourish your body to maximize immune function, reduce illness and shorten duration of colds and flu.  Home remedies are the perfect complement to your preventative routine, keeping you and your family well this season. YOUR FOUNDATION: Building a strong foundation is one of the core principles of prevention. Eat […]

8 tips to kick a cold

There are plenty of tips on how to stay healthy in the winter: get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, stay active, etc. (read our top 8 winter health practices)  But, even if you’re taking care it’s still likely that you may pick up one of the many viruses that can cause a common […]

IN BALANCE – Transition To Fall

I love this time of year!!  The colors of changing leaves, cozy scarves to hug my neck and the beginning of a calmer time ahead.  The hurried excitement of summer already seems long in our past. The only season with two names, fall is also known as autumn. Previously referred to as harvest, it is the time of bounty. Regardless of […]

Alleviate Allergies with Chinese Medicine

For some, allergies are a sure sign of the changing seasons, just as much as buds on trees. A few simple lifestyle adjustments can go a long way so you can breathe easy. Whether you are a seasonal allergy sufferer or are experiencing symptoms year round, you have options when it comes to treatment. Your symptoms […]

Heart in harmony

In summer, the fire element rules and nature ignites. As we find the growth and activity around us, we should be reminded of our internal fire inspiring us to be more playful, energetic and outgoing. In Chinese medicine, the heart and the small intestine are the organs associated with the summer season. The fire element […]

8 tips to keep your cool this summer

It’s summer time and Milwaukee is filled to the max with outdoor fun and festivals! It’s so tempting to over-indulge in sun, alcohol and heavy foods. Here’s how you can take advantage of summer fun, and not forgo a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about moderation and balance. 1. Avoid heavy, greasy food that slows down […]

Fresh summer foods

Food just seems to taste better in the summer, doesn’t it? Whether its crisp, farm-fresh fruits and veggies or a meal hot off the grill, we wait all year for these three months of eating al fresco. Take advantage of the richly abundant fruits and vegetables, especially locally grown, by visiting farmers markets weekly  – […]

Acupuncture: 3 questions everyone asks

Acupuncture – the stimulation of specific points along the body, most often by insertion of tiny needles. Acupuncture has few side-effects, is relatively safe, and an effective form of treatment for both chronic and acute conditions. Acupuncture is a technique used in Chinese medicine, a whole medical system which also includes: food therapy, herbal medicine, bodywork, […]

Spring renewal – the birth of a new season

Bundle up for spring? It sounds contradictory (well, not here in Wisconsin), but the winds and dampness of spring are still too harsh for the weak internal Yang of the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring is the season for renewal and new growth, a time when the Yang (hot) energy rises and projects. […]

Love your liver – cleanse your body

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver is most affected by Qi stagnation. When Qi (or energy) is not flowing freely, it causes imbalances and health problems. Stress, irregular eating habits, and synthetic substances like preservatives and pharmaceuticals all interfere with the liver network’s function of maintaining the even flow of Qi. Liver congestion occurs […]

8 tips for spring health

Hello Spring!  Let’s get up, get out and shed that winter stagnation.Chinese medicine recognizes the importance of living in harmony with each season so we can feel our very best. Here are 8 of our favorite tips to help keep you feeling spring-time fresh: 1. Wake up and stretch – Rising earlier and beginning a healthy […]

Spring Recipe: Asparagus and Quinoa

I love the spring! The weather, the birds, the new babies- it’s clearly time for growth and renewal. Along with a group of take-charge-of-your-health types, I am taking part in the 21 Day Purification Program and feeling great on day 5.  My diet consists of mostly veggies, fruit and seeds, so I’ve been on the […]

21 Day Wellness Purification Program

We are excited to bring to you our 21 day Wellness Purification program. We are partnering with Standard Process to bring quality whole food based nutrition and supplements with support, recipes, and easy to use guides. Making a positive impact to your health could not be easier. Does 21 days seem too long for you? […]

IN BALANCE — Understanding our microbiome

Following some surprising discoveries over the last decade, the White House announced the National Microbiome Inniative(NMI) in May 2016. The NMI aims to advance understanding of microbiomes in order to aid in the development of useful applications in areas such as health care, food production, and environmental restoration. Our understanding of gut health has been growing […]

Welcome to your future, welcome peace in winter.

Well, it’s time for a restart. Welcome to the New Year and as my oldest son once said at the young age of four, “Welcome to your future.” Whether you fantasize about time travel or would just like to travel back in time before the election, before the loss of Prince and Bowie, or just […]

Welcome winter – hibernation for all?

“The wise nourish life by flowing with the four seasons and adapting to cold or heat, by harmonizing joy and anger in a tranquil dwelling, by balancing yin and yang, and what is hard and soft. So it is that dissolute evil cannot reach the man of wisdom, and he will be witness to a […]

8 healthy winter practices

Nourish and restore your mind and body during the winter with these easy tips you can practice throughout the season. 1. Sleep – Achieve better sleep by retiring to bed before 10 p.m., turning your electronics off at least an hour before.  Keep a notepad by your bed and make a list if you find your mind […]

How to help get rid of your child’s cough

Does your child have a cough that won’t seem to go away? We like what Robin Green has to share about keeping your kiddos well. Here are some basic suggestions: Stop using cough medicine and consider dark honey and lemon to soothe your little one’s throat. Eliminate dairy if possible. Dairy tends to build phlegm […]

Winter nutrition – eat for the season

Although you might be feeling a little heavier from holiday indulgences and chasing that New Year’s resolution, winter is the worst time of the year to diet. Winter is a time when the body can easily become depleted of many nutrients, especially vitamin D. If you listen to your environment and slow down your activity level, your […]

Clinical Training in Guangzhou, China 2016

November is my birth month and every year I reflect upon the past and pause to look toward the future. It is my practice of gratitude which ignites passion and confirms my purpose. I notice when I’m on the right path opportunities arise, decisions become clear and life just falls into place. This year’s opportunity […]

IN BALANCE — Pediatric Acupuncture

Ah’CHOO-puncher: common pronunciation of acupuncture by young children, typically ages 2-6. I treat many little ones in my practice -from days old to teenagers. My first introduction to holistic pediatric care began with my oldest son, nearly 15 years ago. My desire to learn more continued as he received an early diagnosis of ADHD and I […]

5 ways your acupuncturist is different than your MD

BY MACKENZIE KREMER, STUDENT ACUPUNCTURIST Acupuncturists utilize a variety of strategies when treating their patients. An acupuncturist’s approach is much different than that of a traditional Western medical doctor. Holistic practitioners believe in a different set of techniques to best aid their patient and bring them to optimum health. Here is a list of what sets acupuncturists […]

Taking care of yourself while a new mom

Many people have heard about the benefits of receiving acupuncture when trying to get pregnant and while pregnant, but what about after you deliver your baby? Anyone who has given birth knows that there is a time for healing, whether you had a complicated delivery or not.  The first month is especially beneficial, called the “golden […]

IN BALANCE — Chinese Medicine encompasses more than acupuncture

Sheri Lee has been invited to write on Chinese Medicine in her new column “In Balance” in the Bay View Compass. We invite you to share your experiences and questions! IN BALANCE — Chinese Medicine encompasses more than acupuncture February 3, 2015 By Sheri LM Lee Among the many great restaurants, hair salons, coffee and tattoo shops, […]

IN BALANCE — Eat for optimal weight, health and happiness.

The holiday season is upon us and what better time to slow down and savor each moment – with food.  Learn HOW to eat smarter for optimal weight, health and happiness! “While what we eat is important, good nutrition is more than just food. Good eating habits form the foundation of a healthy diet. How we […]

IN BALANCE — The Golden Month

Sheri’s latest article for the Bay View Compass explores the Golden Month and the importance of a healthy postpartum recovery. Learn more about supporting women after childbirth and how you can nurture a new mother. Read more at IN BALANCE- The Golden Month

Reflection is refreshing

No matter how long you’ve been practicing a certain skill  or how much you think you may know, you will always find comfort in going back to the beginning.  An introduction will find you surrounded by memories of your past and allow you to reflect upon choices, situations or the path you paved for yourself. […]

Breathe your way into a relaxed state in 4-7-8!

Here is a simple exercise to help with anxiety, stress, irritation and lung health. 4-7-8 Breathing Breathe in through your nose for a count of 4. Hold your breath for a count of 7. Release your breath through your mouth for a count of 8. Repeat! (at least for another three rounds) Notice how you […]

IN BALANCE — Stay healthy this spring

Is Mother Nature’s temperament getting the best of your allergies this spring? Here are some helpful reminders from Sheri’s column, in the Bay View Compass, on how to keep allergens at bay: http://bayviewcompass.com/in-balance-stay-healthy-this-spring/

Growing doesn’t have to be a pain!

Growing pains refer to unexplainable aches (i.e. aches that don’t come from bumps or bruises) your child may feel in their muscles and bones. This is a sign that the body is growing or stretching and could benefit from extra mineral support to prevent these pains. If your child is experiencing growing pains, consider some of the […]

Bone soup

It’s still winter and at 8branches,  we often recommend bone soup  for it’s wonderful warming and healing properties. The season brings cold temperatures as well as “cold exterior attacks,” sometimes manifesting in the body as a stiff neck/upper body, sneezing, body aches – what many know as early symptoms of the cold or flu.  Keeping […]

Why meditate?

Who wouldn’t want to feel more focused, sleep better, and be more relaxed? The promises of what leading a mindful life bring sound amazing, but let’s be honest, when you have a million things to do, sitting in a quiet space is the last thing you on your mind. You might be thinking: “I don’t […]

Practice mindfulness

It’s the time of year when our energies transform from Winter’s slow, nurturing darkness to Spring’s activating, expanding light. WE OFTEN THINK ABOUT USING THIS ENERGY FOR TAKING ON NEW TASKS AND PERHAPS DOING A SPRING CLEANING OF OUR HOMES, BUT WHY NOT THINK ABOUT RIDDING OUR INTERNAL SPACES OF LINGERING CLUTTER? Adapting a mindfulness […]

Mindfulness: letting go for today

It’s within a mere second or a single breath, in which we pause to either react or respond to an action or situation.  A reaction is so visceral, so quick and without thought it can reflect our emotion or feeling in an instant.  Often it is our quick reaction keeping us from reaching our full potential as conscious […]

Considering a midwife? Know your options.

A midwife is a sage who embodies loving kindness and listens with tender ears. She speaks with her eyes, feels from the heart and gently guides you with understanding. All with an embrace that feels like home; warm, safe and full of love. I’ve seen midwives guide women through the births they have always wanted […]

Life as a headache sufferer

Ever since that magical time of adolescence, I’ve gotten headaches. All kinds of headaches. I never knew what caused them or why they happened to me, but over the past three years, they’ve escalated to migraines. Yes, the can’t-get-out-of-bed, lights-off, ice-pack-on-your-head migraines. Millions of women suffer from migraines and while they can commiserate with you, no two women […]