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Growing doesn’t have to be a pain!


Growing pains refer to unexplainable aches (i.e. aches that don’t come from bumps or bruises) your child may feel in their muscles and bones. This is a sign that the body is growing or stretching and could benefit from extra mineral support to prevent these pains. If your child is experiencing growing pains, consider some of the following ways to add minerals to your child’s diet:

  • Cyrofood from Standard Process is a multi vitamin with bone support.
  • Bone Broth and Gelatin: both are good ways of including minerals into the diet. We’ve discussed how to use natural gelatin in homemade jello or adding it to smoothies. Here’s a link to an easy recipe: Jello
  • Epsom Salt Baths: a relaxing way to support the body’s need for minerals. The skin absorbs the minerals directly

Since growing pains tend to occur during the afternoon and evening, an unwanted side effect is that children don’t sleep through the night. Mineral supplementation and a warm bath can also help with sleep.

For other tips check out one of our favorite websites: kids+love+acupuncture