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Life as a headache sufferer

Ever since that magical time of adolescence, I’ve gotten headaches. All kinds of headaches. I never knew what caused them or why they happened to me, but over the past three years, they’ve escalated to migraines. Yes, the can’t-get-out-of-bed, lights-off, ice-pack-on-your-head migraines.

Millions of women suffer from migraines and while they can commiserate with you, no two women have the same migraines or treatment plan. I’ve  tried a many different doctors. A headache specialist, a neurologist, two acupuncturists and a physical therapist. Overall, I spent several thousands of dollars on office visits, tests and prescriptions, searching for a bit of relief from these week-long headaches – to no avail.

Then…I met Sheri. I went to her office and we talked about my life, symptoms and overall health for about an hour. No other doctor – Eastern or Western – has looked at my total health before crafting a treatment plan. In essence, Sheri doesn’t treat my headaches, she helps restore balance to my body when it gets out of whack by stress, hormones, the weather or whatever else.

Can Sheri work magic? I would like to think so. Her magic comes in the form of a holistic approach to wellness and a balanced lifestyle.  Sheri treats the root of the problem, not the symptoms. And she empowers you to take a role in your own health and healing.

Jenna Kashou, headache-free and loving life

I still get headaches, but they are less frequent and less severe. I can more accurately pinpoint when they will hit and I am more conscious about taking steps in my diet and lifestyle before I reach for a bottle of pills. I continue to see Sheri regularly for acupuncture treatments as a way to maintain balance in my hectic life and am so grateful to have finally found some relief and control over my own health and wellness.