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Service Changes and Price Increases EFFECTIVE 5/1/2021

Our clinic is open and accepting appointments for new and existing patients at this time. We are encouraging anyone who is unable to safely visit us in person, to continue to access care via telemedicine.

Telemedicine – Phone/Video Consultations – For those who are symptomatic(cold/viral), at high risk or prefer to meet from the comfort of their own home. Please stay home and we can meet virtually.

$50-75 –Telemedicine Consult – Existing patient — 15-30min. phone or video consultation to communicate treatment plan, refill herbal/food prescriptions, discuss nutrition and ongoing care strategies.

$100-125 – Telemedicine Consult – New patient — 45-60min. phone or video consultation to create a treatment plan, including herbal medicine or whole food supplements, nutrition, acupressure guidance, breath work and lifestyle changes. 


Clinic Visits – Our Comprehensive Care Services 

$75 – Initial Consultation Adult/Pediatric —30min. Complete health intake with patient history, assessment and examination.

$100 – Adult Treatment — 45-60min.  Comprehensive care designed around your treatment plan. Acupuncture/acupressure, accessory techniques, nutritional guidance, herbal and supplement prescriptions. Continued support and guidance.

$75 – Pediatric Treatment 30min.  Acupuncture/acupressure (shoni shin, tui na, and microcurrent), nutritional guidance, herbal and supplement prescriptions. Continued support and guidance.

Beyond Needles Effective stand alone therapies or add-ons to enhance primary treatment

$75 Chinese Medicine Herb Consultation  30min.

$50 – Accessory Techniques 20min.  

    • Moxibustion burning of an herb, applying indirect heat to warm.
    • Cupping fire cupping applies suction to the skin’s surface.
    • Guasha gentle scraping of the skin’s surface.
    • Ear Seeds & Magnets applied to acupuncture points to prolong/enhance treatments

$50 – Tui Na Massage, Acupressure, Energy Work — 15min.

What To Expect

Procedures and safety precautions related to COVID-19:

  1. If you have any symptoms; such as sneezing, cough, fever, dry/sore throat, diarrhea –  please reschedule. For the safety of our other patients and ourselves, we will not be able to treat you at this time. 
  2. Please arrive on time, not early. We want to avoid having patients waiting in the waiting room.
  3. Please do not bring family or friends with you. Part of the reason we feel safe to stay open is that the foot traffic here is very low. We want to keep it that way.
  4. When you arrive please use hand sanitizer at the counter or go to the restroom and wash your hands with soap and water, then go directly into your treatment room. 

Here are a few of the things we have done to prepare for this unique situation:

  • Eliminated touchable products, magazines, and toys from the waiting room
  • Arranged seating so that chairs are six feet apart
  • Made hand sanitizer accessible to patients at multiple locations
  • Removed self serve water and tea. We have water available by request in disposable cups.

Here is what we are continually doing:

  • Wiping down frequently touched items between every patient
  • Seeing fewer patients per day to eliminate the likelihood of people passing each other in the hallways or congregating in the waiting room
  • Limiting our intakes to reduce face to face time spent with patients
  • Continuing our policy of washing all linens after every patient
  • Wearing a mask and gloves during treatment
  • No longer carrying our iPad into patient rooms in an effort to reduce the number of items we touch.
  • Washing our clothes at the end of each day
  • Increased frequency of general cleaning
  • Additional air filters to aid in circulation and filtration

During your initial visit, you can expect for us to spend about 60-90 minutes together. Please reserve extra time to ensure you do not feel rushed to leave after your treatment. It is important to eat a small snack or light meal before your visit to avoid receiving acupuncture on an empty stomach.

An initial visit includes an acupuncture treatment as well as a thorough discussion regarding your current health and health history. We will discuss your goals for improving health and create a plan to help you achieve them. Every step of the way, we work to ensure you feel heard and respected and leave feeling educated about your health.

Want to know more about what to expect?

EFFECTIVE 4/13/2021: OUR NORMAL CANCELATION POLICY IS MODIFIED AT THIS TIME. Cancellation fees may be waived for missed appointments related to COVID19 exposure/symptoms. Please do your best to let us know if you are unable to safely visit in person, as we will do our best to stay in communication with you.

Cancellation Policy: As a courtesy to all of our patients, we strive to maintain a smooth and efficient operation so that you can enjoy your treatment on time, all of the time. Services are by appointment only, so please know • 24 hour notice is required for canceling or rescheduling an appointment to avoid charges.
A no call/no show will result in a charge for full price of the treatment missed and must be paid before another appointment will be scheduled or administered. Since emergencies happen, exceptions must be approved by phone before the appointment. We greatly appreciate your business and thank you for your cooperation with this policy.