Align with the interconnectedness of self and nature to achieve health and vitality.

8 Branches Chinese Medicine is a holistic health care clinic and a center for connection in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood.

In 2023, we expanded to welcome The Center, a space to be rooted in spirit and to honor the circles of interconnectedness in ourselves, each other and nature. Together let’s witness the circle that connects us — all beings between heaven and earth, so we can explore the rhythms and rituals to better understand our purpose, power and potential.

We promote holistic care because we believe good health is more than just physical health.

At 8 Branches, we emphasize the importance of mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to help people improve their quality of life and find balance, harmony and unity with the world around them. Our approach as a conduit for healing, is to provide individualized care through personal connection. Each of our life experiences are unique and require an open ear, a compassionate heart and someone who really cares to listen. We are honored to help you find your way back to your whole self.

What people are sharing.

“I just received the most relaxing and healing acupuncture session ever. Needles were inserted with such ease that I didn’t feel them. And I fell asleep on the table! The pain I was feeling in my neck is gone. My body is more relaxed and body parts more limber. Yeah! Thank you Sheri Lee!”

— Peggy

“Acupuncture is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I melted into the massage table and my arms almost fell off as I dosed! Thank you Sheri Lee for making my back feel better & helping me with sciatic back pain, adrenal fatigue and other postpartum issues”

— Brittany

“Acupuncture has absolutely changed me. My quality of life has improved dramatically and I have Tuuli Massignan to thank for that. I am always pleased and excited to recommend Tuuli and acupuncture to my friends and have them come back to tell me how great they feel and what a difference it has made for them also. I highly recommend Tuuli and 8 Branches Chinese Medicine to improve your life”

— Lyle

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