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8branches Chinese Medicine

About us

We have been providing individualized care in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood since 2012. We strive to improve the health of our patients and our community through education and meaningful connection. Our treatment rooms offer privacy and allow us to provide quality care in a calming environment.

Recognizing a need in our community, we opened the 8 Branches Student Acupuncture Clinic in 2016. Our teaching clinic provides quality and affordable care, while supporting the growth and advancement of future acupuncturists.


Patient room

2016 Winner Best of Milwaukee - Hall of Fame

Honored in Milwaukee Magazine’s Best of Milwaukee 2016 – Best Acupuncture

“8 Branches Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach to women’s health and family care. Owner Sheri Lee uses needle and non-needle techniques for birth preparation, labor support and postpartum recovery. Plus, 8 Branches offers a student clinic for reduced-cost treatments.”

Sheri LM Lee MSOM, LAc, DipAc

Sheri Lee is a clinician and owner of 8 Branches Chinese Medicine, a holistic health care clinic in Milwaukee, WI. Her practice is rooted in Classical Chinese medicine and daoist practices with an emphasis on living in harmony with the seasons and life’s cyclical transitions. In her more than 15 years in private practice, Sheri has built a reputation as a widely-respected full circle provider and has honed a special talent in the areas of womb care, birth work, pediatric and end of life care.

As an acupuncturist, body worker and Chinese medicine practitioner, she works with people in a supportive environment to improve their quality of life, promote their natural ability to heal, and aid in the reduction of stress and pain. Her additional roles as a clinical supervisor and student mentor allowed her the opportunity to pursue advanced training in China as an alumni of Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in partnership with Guangzhou University of TCM.

Additionally, Sheri’s desire to see more collaborative care in hospital-based settings led her to a role in the Integrative Medicine  department at the MACC Fund Center of Children’s Hospital Wisconsin. While working at the hospital, she helped support children through pain, anxiety and CINV in the Oncology/Hematology and intensive care units using acupressure and magnet therapies.

Sheri continues an ongoing commitment to the Graduate Mentorship Program at White Pine Institute as she further studies the classics and herbal medicine. She has had the pleasure of learning from many wise teachers, most notably; Sharon Weizenbaum, Claudia Citkovitz, Tom Bisio, Deborah Woolf, Sabine Wilms, Dr. Huang Huang and Debra Betts.

In late 2022, she was invited to teach on topics of Seasonal Alignment, joining her long time mentor, Claudia Citkovitz, as part of the White Pine Community.

She finds happiness with her partner and their four children, in her studies, self cultivation practices, tending to her herb garden and making medicine.