Anna Cwalina

I have been a women’s circles facilitator for the past six years, and an educator and an artist for many more years, quite recently also engaging school children in mindfulness circles.

My circle work began in 2018 when co-facilitating the Bay View Women’s Circle in Milwaukee with two other women for two years, after having joined my first circle in 2016. Later, I took on the transitioning of the circle through the first year of COVID, meeting in a closed group outdoors and online. At that time, I invited all circle members to co-facilitate and co-host our monthly circles and I guided this collaborative process, which resulted in truly cooperative circle work that continues to this day.

In 2021, inspired by my own body and the teachings of a few powerful post-menopausal wise women, especially Jane Hardwicke Collings, I dreamt and brought to life a small, closed circle that was dedicated to women on their peri-menopausal journey. That project was the direct predecessor of the Seasons Women’s Circle which since 2022 has continued to give due respect to women on each step of the life’s journey as we embody our cyclical nature through monthly wheel-of-life, wheel-of-the-year, and moon circles.

Throughout 2022, the Seasons Women’s Circle proudly supported the work of the HIR Wellness Institute of Milwaukee. Also in 2022, I attended a 5-week course with Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset on “Decolonizing Relationships Between and Among Women.”

From October 2022 to October 2023, I actively participated in “Hagitude”, an intensive year-long program with Sharon Blackie, dedicated to reimagining women’s second half of life. Also in 2023, I pursued “Ritual Skills” with Starhawk and “Dreamwork”– an ongoing dream circle with Katharine Donovan Kane, and I was delighted to practice shamanic journeying in a local drum circle with Holly Emmer. In addition, throughout the year, I facilitated many mindfulness circles with school-aged children at public schools in Milwaukee. This year also marks a very special beginning of my collaborative journey with my talented, creative friend Ali Carlucci with whom I co-create our public beach ceremonies.

In 2024, I am engaging in Sharon Blackie’s self-study courses: “Sisters of Rock and Root” and “Finding Ourselves in Fairy Tales” while dreaming a project rooted in my Slavic spiritual past as well as in the place where I now live, by the great lake Michigami. In addition, I am learning from Gabor Mate and Richard Schwartz through their course on Compassionate Inquiry and Internal Family Systems via Sounds True, and I am completing a course “The Power of the Crone” with Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I am also looking forward to co-creating with you private ceremonies around women’s life transitions I would be honored to facilitate for you in a circle, and to meeting you with my collaborator and friend Ali Carlucci during our open to the public quarterly Solstices and Equinoxes ceremonies at the Bay View Beach in Milwaukee.

Please e-mail me with questions at Thank you for your interest in our spiritual work!